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  • Who we are

    Who we are

    LumenAI features 10 years experienced re​searchers in Machine Learning and 20 years experienced engineers in Database Optimisation and Data Management. We master technologies ranging from data science to Big Data and Cloud.


    LumenAI uniquely combines very high skills in data science and data engineering to deliver high-end services, to bring unique products onto the market and to become an unavoidable actor and game changer in Machine Learning and AI.

    We help companies...

    • understanding and overcoming their AI and ML issues. We address questions ranging from "what to do with my data" to "how can I fasten my business and decisions" or "how can I upgrade my methods to highly performing ML technologies"

    • improve their products and services, treat IoT sensors, add value with predictive maintenance

    • help changing business model from product-sell-based to pay-as-you-use service.

    We do research

    We are pioneers in real-time Machine Learning algorithms for always updated model at no extra computation cost and no need for data storage.

    This field is knowing an increasing demand with the rise of IoT, massive online data producing applications, needs for immediate decision taking.


    LumenAI is an innovative start-up emerging from a research project at the French University.

    We try to give life to our theorems in digital apps and adapt our results for industrial needs. We believe that making connexions between academic researchers and industries can have positive impact on both sides. This is our main daily motivation that we are slowly building.

    We do NOT recommend to store and accumulate a large amount of data to analyze in a batch mode. The future of data science is the ability to treat in real time a huge flow of data and give the right answer at the right time. This is one of the most challenging next step in Data Science. Endowed with our expertise in online learning, we want to be an actor of this revolution.

    Employee initiative and involvement, liberating leadership and corporate transformation are also very important ingredients of LumenAI. We try to share a world-class vision and combine the common good - great research and challenging performance - with the personal good of employees - often called happiness !

    From the beginning, we are also largely inspired from the lean startup movement and the build-measure-learn feedback loop. The first step is figuring out the problem that needs to be solved and then developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible. If you want to join the growing team, contact us you are welcome !

  • TEAM

    A passionate team of experts

    Sébastien Loustau

    Researcher & CEO

    As an academic, Sébastien has studied the theoretical aspect of both statistical and online learning. His research interests include online learning, unsupervised learning, adaptive algorithms and minimax theory. He founded LumenAI 2 years ago.

    Wajdi Farhani

    Full Stack Data Engineer

    Wajdi obtained his engineer's degree from the Tunisia Polytechnic School. He moved his career to the new field of big data where he can combine his skills in both computer science and applied mathematics to provide real time solutions.

    Camille Brunet

    Data Scientist

    Camille obtained her phD in applied mathematics in 2011 and worked during 4 years as a statistician at autoGraph.me. She has joined LumenAI in October 2016 to test new methods and algorithms proposed in the most recent machine learning literature.

    Yves Darmaillac

    Data Scientist - DB Engineer

    Yves Darmaillac graduated in mathematics (1994) and computer sciences (1996). He joined Oracle France and worked several years on very large databases implementation for major accounts in Europe. He is currently working in the area of online learning.

    Julien Peyras

    Strategist & Business developer

    PhD in AI & computer vision and Entrepreneur, Julien has passions for technology, tech business, digital marketing, strategy to innovate through business models.

    Frédéric Bernier

    Marketing & Com Ninja

    Frederic has been a Creative and Artistic Director since 2004. Frederic is a Serial Entrepreneur. He shares his experience in Marketing, Communication and Digital Technology as a consultant, a trainer, a speaker and an author specialised on branding, naming, networking/socialmedia, cobranding. He focuses his energy to develop and distinguish organizations by humanizing their brands.

  • Testimonials

    Julien Hervouet (CEO) & Florent Gosselin (R&D manager), iAdvize :

    « LumenAI a permis une intégration "from scratch" d'un algorithme d'analyse comportementale à forte valeur ajoutée. Les résultats observés sont très probants et nous ont permis d'ajouter une approche prédictive de nos clients. L'accompagnement de LumenAI s'est manifesté à plusieurs niveaux dans l'expertise, la formation, le design et le développement d'outils de DATA science (stockage, calcul, analyse et aide à la décision). Son interaction avec l'équipe DATA Science du pôle R& D a été une expérience très positive. »

    Anthony Barré, Lead Data Scientist, AccorHotels :

    « Nous avons collaboré avec LumenAI sur une preuve de concept algorithmique de grande complexité. L'expertise scientifique et la vision extérieure apportées par LumenAI ont permis tout au long du projet de structurer la problématique et d'étudier des pistes pertinentes de solutions. Les échanges nourris avec LumenAI ont en effet été moteurs dans les choix effectués, permettant également de débloquer des verrous scientifiques rencontrés. Cet accompagnement régulier constitue une partie intégrante au succès de ce projet. »

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