Our services

Our expertise adapts to many situations,
and as such we are able to offer you our offers through AI:

Our audits and accompaniments allow the implementation of POC in machine learning then deployment on a larger scale of your project.

We are able to offer you both large scale projects but also experimentations, tests, POC and MVP on smaller projects.

This allows our customers as well as our engineers and researchers to evaluate the real stakes and resources needed for a large-scale deployment in order to optimize and plan your budgets.

Development of machine learning research projects

Our clients, DGA and Naval Group in particular, but also others in the world of finance and healthcare, have enabled us to develop research projects to test our own algorithms by confronting them with traditional algorithms… with convincing, surprising and always constructive results.

By gaining confidence through proof, we have moved towards sometimes unexpected and innovative solutions to solve complex problems, particularly in the fields of predictive maintenance and cybersecurity.

Placement of data scientists in your team/IA lab

Since our creation, we have cultivated a taste for applied research in machine learning. This attracts many data scientists from all walks of life, some of them with extensive backgrounds. Our employer brand attracts talents who greatly appreciate the opportunity to work on ambitious and consistent projects on our clients’ premises while keeping one day a week for research projects at LumenAI.

This has enabled us, for example, to collaborate in depth with TOTAL on very large geoscience projects. We have naturally developed this way of working with a few clients.

Some projects require complete immersion in the world of business.

Machine learning / deep learning training

In order to make you autonomous, it is possible to upgrade your data scientists on certain skills.

We can provide intra-company training in machine learning and deep learning, à la carte, according to your needs…

The intervention of experts and researchers at the top of the state of the art can also be considered within your structure.

Several formats are possible: short training courses lasting a few days, or coaching over a complete course sometimes spread over several months, with a few hours per week.