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After a 100% service experience and the first victories in the web-marketing, then industry and state security sectors, we want to distribute Online Learning software tools on a larger scale .

Our project revolves around various IT, mathematical and commercial profiles, to respond to our clients’ problems, innovate and build. Now growing, we are currently looking for academic researchers to collaborate, young PhDs, brilliant experienced clean coders or junior profiles who wish to become one.

Our teams are based in Paris, Rennes, Nantes and Pau. Contrary to the classical way of working of consulting companies or software editors, we propose to our members to work from wherever they want.

At LumenAI, each consultant devotes part of his working time to R&D work. This work varies according to your preferences and skills.


No vacancies at the moment

Values, Vision, Missions, Ambition
What if we share the same dream? The same passion?


Well-being and benevolence
We promote a serene, pleasant environment where everyone can express themselves freely, be listened to and respected.

Unleashing creativity
Whether it is to work together or to respond innovatively to our clients’ challenges, we create the conditions for creativity!

Sharing and transmission
Between ourselves and with our customers, we want to grow together, giving the best of ourselves.

Responding to industrial, safety and monitoring issues with machine learning solutions can raise real moral questions. We remain vigilant not to sell just anything to just anyone!

Our culture is multicoloured. We seek to reach the state of the art on specific problems with our own algorithms, with the requirement of an evolutionary and maintainable code for an industrial implementation.

Serving the customer well
Behind every algorithm we produce, every analysis we deliver, there is a client with specific expectations.


Contributing to a desirable world.


  • Build programs that can evolve continuously and whose clean and validated code is continuously improving.
  • To research and produce innovative solutions in the field of Machine Learning.


Bridging the gap between the world of Research and the world of Industry.


A passionate team of experts

Benedetta PASTORE
Benedetta has worked for years in consulting firms to improve the R.O.I. and the “time to market” of projects in different sectors (industry, banking, retail…).
Passionate about “Users centrics” products, Benedetta matches end-user needs, through design thinking, with business objectives.

Sébastien LOUSTAU
Scientific advisor
As an academic, Sébastien has studied the theoretical aspect of statistical and online learning. His research focuses on e-learning, unsupervised learning, adaptive algorithms and minimax theory. He founded LumenAI 3 years ago.

Philippe CHARMET
Director General
Philippe has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector and has worked for large companies as Key Account Manager. Passionate about sales, he decided to join Lumens in 2020 to develop LumenAi’s business activity.