Who are we?

LumenAI is the result of 10 years of research in machine learning and 20 years of experience of engineers in database optimization and management. We master state-of-the-art technologies ranging from data science to Big Data and Cloud.

We help companies…

to understand and overcome their machine learning problems. We answer questions ranging from “what to do with my data” to “how to get the most out of my business and my decisions” or “how to upgrade my methods to high performance ML technologies”.

improve their products and services, process Io sensors and add value through predictive maintenance

change business models from product-based to fee-based service.

Presentation 2020

They trusted us

LumenAI has enabled a “from scratch” integration of a high value-added behavioral analysis algorithm. The results observed are very conclusive and have allowed us to add a predictive approach to our clients. LumenAI’s support has manifested itself at several levels in the expertise, training, design and development of DATA science tools (storage, calculation, analysis and decision support). Its interaction with the DATA science team of the R & D pole has been a very positive experience.

Julien Hervouet (CEO) & Florent Gosselin (R&D manager)

We collaborated with LumenAI on a highly complex algorithmic proof of concept. The scientific expertise and external vision provided by LumenAI enabled us to structure the problem and study relevant solutions throughout the project. The exchanges with LumenAI were indeed a driving force in the choices made, and also helped to unlock the scientific obstacles encountered. This regular support is an integral part of the success of this project.

Anthony Barré, Lead Data Scientist

How we work

We accompany you in various ways:

  • Audits and support in the implementation of POC machine learning then deployment on a larger scale.
  • Machine learning / deep learning
  • Development of research projects in machine learning
  • Placement of data scientists in your team/IA lab

Lady of the Lake

LADY OF THE LAKE is a clustering & datavisualisation service on-line or on server for Data Scientists and Data Analysts. They can connect a data stream and see in real time the creation of clusters. Dynamic unsupervised learning machine (real time and random resolution) resulting from our own R&D and therefore our own algorithms.

Customers case studies

Discover concrete cases solved thanks to our algorithms and our team of data scientists. #cybersecurity and #predictive-maintenance

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Research and sharing

Because we are open to sharing and are always eager to popularize AI as well as to dialogue with our research peers, you will find below information on our internal seminars and our presence at trade shows and meetings.



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