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    We support industrial actors on these main problematics :

    How to maximize your conversion rate thanks to hyper-personalization of your online relationship ?

    Same message to all your customer results in :

    - satisfaction to those concerned and positively impacted by your message,

    - indifference or irritation to those not concerned by your message.

    Quality segmentation of your customer strongly comes back as an issue of importance.

    LumenAI helps in identifying profiles among your customers, and helps design the right hyper-personalized message or service for your particular target in order to maximize his satisfaction.  

    How to send the right message to the right customers through realtime data analysis ?

    Does your message fits your customer? Customer knowledge is key. To understand your customer you need his data, then you will be able to find out whether your message is the right one.

    How to minimize churn-rate and optimize campaign costs thanks to predictive analytics ?

    Online customer segmentation and campaign tests to reveal the sensitivity factor from your campaigns. Realtime A/B testing

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    A selection of solved business cases


    Dynamic Pricing

    Price determination is key-vault for many businesses like Hotel. Inner processes variation as well as outer expected or inexpected events can influence the consumer behavior. LumenAI helps ACCOR HOTELS taking into account all these parameters and optimize the equation that will lead to the most suitable prediction and maximum profit.


    Real-time revelation of the value of Internet users

    Internet users behavior is correlated to business factors like engagement, buy a product or not, leave the web site, hesitation. We helped iAdvize clearly visualizing web users by categories, and provided them with an intuitive tool to select population classes to automate and personalize web site behaviors accordingly. 43% more sells were achieved with more targeted actions.

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