• Our technologies



  • Real Time Clustering


    • Heterogeneous data (multivariate, textual, analog)
    • Real-time clustering update
    • Intuitive parameterization / Dataviz / Automatic initialization

  • Time Series Analysis


    • Fracture detection
    • Time series clustering
    • Forecasting

  • Real time Community Detection


    • Acquisition of a graph from a large volume of data
    • Real time Community Clustering,

    • Node tracking, prediction of new links

    • Visualization and search engine

  • Engineering

    LumenAI combines science with strong engineering skills:

    • High-performance algorithms: parallel or distributed architecture, real time
    • An industrial approach: AGILE and Devops methods, quality and intensive tests, continuous improvement process
    • Strong capacity for technological integration in client architectures: database, Big Data, No SQL, Cloud
    • A Study Office at the center of the organization: constant monitoring

  • Our Workflow & Operating mode:

    A proven process that adapts to each issue

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