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    How to reduce your maintenance costs on your machines ?

    Preventive maintenance and repairing represent an important cost area for industries. Prevention operations do not often consider optimal time for replacing old material resulting in a waste of money, while repairing machines means prevention were not efficient enough...

    LumenAI connects your production chain machines and realtime analyse their state through its unique time series analysis toolkit. Once equipped with LumenAI predictive maintenance system, you will watch and be alerted for every important preventive operation that need to be done. Your maintenance operation will be launched before it is too late, and only when they are worth it.


    How to create new services thanks to data analysis ?

    Let's take a simple example. Let's say you sell weight scales. People come to buy you a scale and then leave forever. This is a pretty poor business model.

    Now let's check at what your competitor is up to. Instead of selling weight scales he decides to connect its products with connected sensors, to collect the data and monitor users behavior. Then starts the real business : monitoring the behaviors allows your competitor to sell information to partners in fields like diet, sport, wears, pharmaceutic. They can broaden their activity and create retention on their users with a mobile app, connected to the weight scale, and providing some advices on sport or diet to obtain better performances.


    The story with weight scale hold with any other product, and probably with yours as well.

    And you know what? You would better adopt this business model too because your competitor is about to give out its weight scales for free!culture innovation entreprise.

    LumenAI can accompany you on developing a full strategy for reinforcing your activity, creating more value, building apps for your customers or your staff, etc. motivate a breath of innovation culture among your collaborators.

    How to guarantee a constant level of quality on your products ?

    LumenAI can help you connecting your devices, process, systems, products, services, in order to monitor them accurately and realtime. This results in the ability to pilot your tools and assets to constantly get the same level of quality on your products and services. As an evident advantage : everything can be instantly measured, displayed, summarized on a dashboard, quality indicators, traceability, etc. You are now one click away from picturing your activity overview. This will definitely result in a modern impression and higher notoriety for your company.

    How to prevent from accidents on your production chains ?

    LumenAI can help you connecting your production line

    Anticipate failures or repair efficiently

    Reconfigure production circuits to take into account accidents and failures.

    Allows to program and optimize your production despite hazards.



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    A selection of solved business cases


    Dynamic Pricing

    Price determination is key-vault for many businesses like Hotel. Inner processes variation as well as outer expected or inexpected events can influence the consumer behavior. LumenAI helps ACCOR HOTELS taking into account all these parameters and optimize the equation that will lead to the most suitable prediction and maximum profit.

    Confidential project - Aeronautical sector

    Online characterization of engine rate

    Sensors are cheap and easily plugged everywhere today. They help tracking uses, behaviors and allow anticipated reactions, predictive maintenance. They opportunely allow business model evolutions as well. Instead of selling a product, companies now tend to offer it, and invoice for the use which is done with it.

    Artfact helps aeronautical companies (among others) analysing timeseries (the type of data coming out from sensors) for predictive maintenance tasks or business model transformation and competitive advantage strengthening.

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