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    Predictive Maintenance

    Downtime reduction as well as maintenance cost and logistic are becoming critical for industrial companies. In a growing competitive trend, process optimisation gives innovators a distinctive advantage on their market.

    TEREGA, french gaz transporter, is one of them and innovate to consolidate its processes as well as its image of to-be-trusted actor.

    LumenAi developed and deployed a full solution for Predictive Maintenance on TEREGA's compressor equipment, achieving high relevance of maintenance notification on a 5 day basis before failure occurence.

    Confidential project - Aeronautical sector

    Online characterization of engine rate

    Sensors are cheap and easily plugged everywhere today. They help tracking uses, behaviors and allow anticipated reactions, predictive maintenance. They opportunely allow business model evolutions as well. Instead of selling a product, companies now tend to offer it, and invoice for the use which is done with it.

    LumenAi helps aeronautical companies (among others) analysing timeseries (the type of data coming out from sensors) for predictive maintenance tasks or business model transformation and competitive advantage strengthening.

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    We support actors on these main problematics :

    How to reduce your maintenance costs on your machines ?

    Our time series analysis toolkit connects your production chain machines and helps you to follow in real time the state of your machines in order to anticipate your maintenance.


    How to create new services thanks to data analysis ?

    Let's take a simple example. Let's say you sell weight scales. People come to buy a scale and leave forever. That's a pretty poor business model. Now let's check at what your competitors are up to by raising the market share of connected sensors. Then starts the real business: monitoring the behaviors of your competitors in the different fields. They can broaden their business and create a business with their mobile application, and they can provide better performance.


    The story with the weight scale can be with any other product, and probably with yours as well.

    And you know what? You would be better off adopting this business model as a business innovator.

    LumenAI can accompany you on developing a full strategy for reinforcing your activity, creating more value, building apps for your customers or your staff, etc. It motivates a breath of innovation culture among your collaborators.

    How to guarantee a constant level of quality on your products ?

    LumenAI can help you connect your devices, processes, systems, products, services, in real time. This results in the ability to drive your tools and assets to the same level of quality. As an obvious advantage: everything can be measured, displayed, summarized on a dashboard, quality indicators, traceability, etc. You are now one click away from picturing your activity overview.

    How to prevent from accidents on your production chains ?

    LumenAI can help you connect your production line.

    Anticipate failures or repair efficiently.

    Reconfigure production circuits to take into account accidents and failures.

    Allows you to program and optimize your production despite hazards.



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